• AA Cars

AA Cars

Maine Motor Solutions are pleased to work in partnership with AA Cars, a company that provides motorists with peace of mind, experience and expert advice.

AA cars offer a host of other benefits for a potential buyers such as:

A free 26-point spot check on every vehicle which ensures that you can buy with confidence and peace of mind.

Each check includes information about whether the car:

  • Has outstanding finance
  • Has ever been written off by an insurance company
  • Is currently recorded as stolen
  • Has had keeper, plate or colour changes recorded

Automatic 12 months AA Roadside Assistance cover or a free Breakdown upgrade.

Roadside Assistance provides assistance throughout the UK so long as you are over a quarter of a mile from your home.
It is available 24/7 365 days a year and if your car cannot be fixed, you and up to 7 passengers will be towed to the nearest suitable repairer.

Free Roadside Upgrade for the remainder of the membership year, will be one of the following:
Home Start, which extends all benefits of roadside assistance to home and surrounding quarter of a mile

Relay (National Recovery). If your car cannot be fixed, you and up to 7 passengers will be recovered to any single UK destination of your choice.

Stay Mobile. This offers the following options for you and your passengers if your car has to go to the garage:
3 consecutive days car hire OR Cost of overnight accommodation OR Public transport for one journey.

Detailed reviews of vehicles by real owners.

AA Vehicle Inspections

Every Vehicle Inspection has 128 items checked, giving  you peace of mind in Safety & Roadworthiness (Visit the AA Cars website www.vcars.co.uk for a £10 discount on an inspection).