Meet the Team

Welcome to the Maine Motor Solutions team, a family run business established for over 15 years. We are a friendly bunch and working from within the heart of the Kent countryside our relaxed "country lifestyle " is reflected in the way we serve our clients. We strongly believe in providing a personal, relaxed, comfortable, unhurried, pressure free experience for all our clients.

Yes... the two slightly overweight Labradors may sit next to you and ask for a fuss (biscuits optional).

Yes... the company chickens have been known to walk into the office.

Yes... the kettle is always on.

And most importantly Yes... you are always welcome here at Maine Motor Solutions.

  • Damian Constable
    Damian Constable
    Damian started life in the motor trade for a Volkswagen dealer in 1993 age 19. He worked in the Service department for a 2 years before moving up to the sales department. In 2003 he set up Maine Motor Solutions with his father and has not looked back since. His main role in the company is purchasing the stock.
  • Gabby
    Sales Admin
    Like Coco from our security team Gabby has been with us since birth, currently studying in Canterbury her role is to assist with the admin side of the business. Recently given another role in charge of social media seems to of backfired....."pouting selfies" is not what we meant Gabby!!! She can usually be found on hand to make a lovely cuppa, which in turn forgives her for being a teenager.....(most of the time).
  • Coco
    Security Team
    Coco is a life long member of the team since a puppy and part of the furniture here! She loves food, snoozing in front of the fire and being made a fuss of. She has a highly trained sense of hearing (a key skill in security) although this is mainly put to good use when detecting the sound of biscuit wrappers.
  • Bella
    Security Team
    Having recently come out of retirement from Protection And Warden Security (PAWS), Bella is a definite asset to the security team helping Coco identify treats. She can now can be found snoozing in front of the fire with her fellow team member.
  • Vor, Sprung, Cluck & Technik
    Vor, Sprung, Cluck & Technik
    The Chickens
    Added to the team to provide high quality protein filled eggs for breakfast (although currently not performing to the high standards expected of a Maine Motor Solutions team member) they will be found either hiding from the security team in their coop or roaming the garden.